About Me – Daksha

DakshaI was born in Karnataka, India. I have a bachelors degree in Economics and Masters in Foreign Trade, currently I’M doing  an MBA. I have 4 years of work experience in Freight Forwarding Industry. This experience has motivated me to know more about this field, always trying to connect my ideas to real world scenarios. I speak up to 5  Indian languages and English. I live with my continuously upbeat husband Panju and my sweet son Maurya. I love to cook and I am fascinated by food.

This blogging started out as a way to share tips and information on Freight Forwarding  and SCM. I get asked a lot of questions so I thought it was about time I started blogging this stuff to make my life (and hopefully yours) easier. I have a huge passion towards FF & SCM, so expect plenty of preaching and finger wagging on this blog. My aim is to give you truly useful info and insights with informative but enjoyable articles,  so don’t be afraid to question, discuss or comment, free-thinking is actively encouraged here! Don’t be surprised  by the lack of convoluted phrases or meaningless buzzwords, this blog is all about communicating clearly and effectively, getting to the point is what matters.

If you want to reach me, drop me an email [daksha@logistics-scm.com]

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