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Detention Vs Demurrage

Here comes one of all time debated topic, Detention Vs Demurrage charges. First, I will explain the definitions and than will move on to actual difference. Every person within shipping industry goes through this confusion at least once, “oh is it detention or demurrage charges.” While I was working in one of the 3pl, I had the same confusion, for sometime I thought both are same but different names but later one of my ocean expert team member  explained it to me.

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Incoterms: International Commercial terms

International Commercial Terms, (abbreviated, Incoterms ) a set of three-letter trade terms used in International trade. Basically, when you enter international trade the first barrier you face is the different culture, languages, etc.

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3PL Vs 4PL

Ever since I started my career in Logistics & Supply Chain Management,  3PL ( Third Party Logistics), 4PL ( Fourth Party Logistics) topics have been debatable.

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Southwest Airlines Post Q2 Profits Increased by 42%

Even though the US economy is still hasn’t completely recovered from 2008 rescission, here comes Southwest Airlines with big numbers increase in there Q2 profits. 

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Chrismas and Chinese New Year Holiday Effects

The freight activity in 2012 has been disapointing, due to December holidays, followed by Chinese New Year. So far 14% decline in airfreight was reported by the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines for the month of January.

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Little updates from Maersk

Maersk Line remains uncertain about breaking their previous year record this year after slumping to a $602 million loss in 2011 from a record $2.6 billion profit in 2010, said A.P. Moller-Maersk, parent of the world’s largest ocean carrier.

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2012 Economic Climate and Use of 3PL Service

Hope everybody had good vacation previous week. Stepping into New Year hoping that the economy will be restored which in turn improves the global market for 3PL services. Even though 2012 does not promise to restore the economy but it has been predicted that there will be a slow economic growth.  

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COSCO to Put Armed Guards Aboard its Ships

The continued increase in the numbers of hijacking ships is alarming ” the Somalia pirates have been expanding their area of operations eastward deep into the Indian Ocean and southward along the coast of East Africa, largely because of the naval; presence off Somalia. This has put a huge pressure on all he ship owners to come up with some solution.

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Germany’s First Self-Service Terminal

HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA) is the first in Germany to introduce intuitive self-service terminals where truckers can check in their standard containers within around 130 seconds.

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Logistics is Accurate Barometer for Economic Climate

Logistics has long been hailed as the lifeblood of the economy. Imports and exports via air, sea and road freight – the volume of which all reflect on how well, or not, the economy is faring.

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