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Case Study: Strategy by Collis, David and Rukstad, Michael

Summary on Collis, David and Rukstad, Michael (2008), Can You Say What Your Strategy Is?

Article by David Collis and Michael Rukstad, published by Harvard Business Review, April 1, 2008. This article emphasize that most executives don’t know the elements of strategy statement.

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3PL Follows New Trend For Entreing New Markets

The logistics industry is almost completely vulnerable to events beyond its control – and it has certainly been navigating some rough terrain lately. First, changing global market conditions and fuel and currency volatility challenged the notion of long, thin supply chains. Then slumping economies further turned up the pressure.

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Bombay Lunch Box – India

The Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association (MTBSA) is a streamlined 120 year old organization with 4,500 semi-literate members providing a quality door-to-door service to a large and loyal customer base. How has MTBSA managed to survive through these tumultuous years?