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VCT Growth Increased by 11.8 Percent

Visakha Container Terminal (VCT) achieved a growth of 11.8 percent during 2009-10 beating the recessionary trend, the Hindu reported.

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India Trade Statistics 2009

Dairy products and computers are among the fast-growing exports from India, while the U.S. maintains a competitive trade advantage in civilian aircraft products.

The value of Indian exports to the world slowed by 18% to an estimated US$165 billion in 2009 from $200.9 billion one year earlier. According to the CIA World Factbook, top trade customers for Indian exports are United Arab Emirates (12.3%), United States (11.7%), China (5.4%) and Singapore (4.5%).

India imported $253.9 billion worth of products from the rest …

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World’s Largest Petrochemical Complex

Abu Dhabi officially launched the company that will oversee the development of the world’s largest petrochemicals complex in its new Mina Khalifa Industrial Zone in the Taweelah area.

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Impact of Volcanic Ash Cloud over European Economy

The cloud of ash from an Iceland volcano is casting a shadow over the nascent economic recovery in Europe as the cancellation of flights in key markets entered its fifth day.

Until last Sunday, a total of 63,000 flights had been canceled in the four days since ash from a volcano under the Eyjafjallajokull glacier in Iceland closed the airspace of a large swath of Europe, according to air traffic authority Eurocontrol. The air travel and freight disruptions are costing airlines …

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US Ports Climbing Out of Shipping Slump

After suffering through their worst two-year stretch in history, ports in the US have begun climbing out of a deep hole brought on by the global economic collapse.